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When you buy a puppy from us, we will be there for you throughout the dog's life. We  will help you by answering any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your Saint Bernard.    We LOVE to keep in touch with all of our puppy owners, including: phone calls, emails and pictures.
Feel free to come and visit please call first to make sure we are in.  We would love to have you !!
A dog is a lifetime commitment, if you don't  have 12 + years to dedicate to your new puppy-then please don't agree to a commitment that you won't be able to follow through with, these puppies rely on us to give them wonderful lives
I have sold many beautiful
pups to become loving companions,go into the show ring or become comfort service dogs.
Everyone that has purchased a pup over the years has been pleased with their purchase,. but my policy is to take back any pup if someone is unhappy with it due to personality conflicts
To respect privacy I will not give out last names or phone numbers of previous buyers. If you would like a reference or would like to talk to someone about their experience with me, my puppies , or my kennel; I can contact some customers and ask them to talk to you
Some of my gorgeous babies
This beautiful male pup went to live at the
Ritz Carlton Hotel in Colorado to become a greeter.
What a lucky boy !!!

He sure has a wonderful career and look at where he lives !!  
2011 pup named Bachelor
Ritz Carlton
If you have never been around a Saint, you should visit  and see my dogs, I have saints in all age groups, colors, & sizes;  Smooth coat and rough coats. You will not see this many in any other location. My friend calls it
  " Saint Wonderland "      I am truly dedicated to this breed.  Come and decide if  this breed is right for you.
Lets not only measure a Breeders success by  the amount of winning their dogs do in the show ring---But by the number of dogs placed in forever homes with a family that purchased them as a pup and loved them till their last breath
Thank you for completing questionaire,  all information is confidentional

If I don't reply back in a few days , it could mean I never received your info ,(Somtimes "send" button doesn't do its job ) so please call
Don't Forget to check out Saint Nutrition page and order you Nu Vet Supplements
Having a pet is a big commitment, a puppy is like a two year old child, they can run around  and get into things because they don't realize danger;  would you leave a two year old child alone in the yard or the house? No !!  So you must treat the puppy the same way, if your pup falls down stairs, is exposed to excessive heat or cold, gets hurt by another dog or a child, its YOUR FAULT for not being a responsible pet owner. Don't blame your vet, your breeder, or anyone.
Make SURE you want a puppy; the beethoven movie was great but understand that saints grow fast, will get dirty, spill water on the floor, drool, shed and make messes, if you can live with hair ( the bigger the dog the more hair) and water (saints require a LOT of water to stay hydrated) you will have one of the most loyal, loving dogs on the planet, they are easy to train and will always be there for you.
Forever homes are what any pet deserves, so please do your homework before you buy a saint, because if you think later you made a mistake its the dog that will suffer, all they do is love you and they won't understand that you want to transfer them to someone else later on.
Whenever I ask someone if they want   directions, they always say no, they will put address in GPS, that used to work to bring them right to my door but the last couple years things must have shirted; in picture it shows where it brings them, a couple miles out; I have even had several people tell me that my address comes up saying I live in Kanasa !!!    I am located in Michigan, my mailing address is Millington but GPS won't even accept the town, it says we live in Mayville.  We tried it several times from dog shows; However   we are on the planet, and picture shows where and hpoefully we now have it registered with google

address to search for is 2561 Brown Rd  Millington Mi. 48746
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Dog Trivia:

Did you know...that dogs exhibit the  greatest variation in size of any single species?
Smallest breed -- Chihuahua
smallest on record is Molly, weighing 1 pound and was 3.8 inches tall

Largest Breeds -- Tibetan Mastiff, has it for bulk, title goes to
Chloe weighing 365 lbs.  and 38
inches tall.   Great Danes have it for height, title goes to
George he was 43 inches tall , but 7 ft 3 inches tall on his hind legs.
The heaviest saint Bernard was Benedictine, he was 38 inches tall and 357 lbs.

Understand this is the extreme and these dogs have the record for their breed.
The average heaviest breed in terms of bulk is the mastiff, the tallest breed is the Irish Wolfhound

Saint Bernards come in second for heaviest breed and sixth for tallest breed

The mastiff has the record for most  puppies born to one mother , its 24 but 4 passed away at birth.


in addition to address, in this area please tell me a little about yourself ,your situation,preference for male or female, long or short hair, etc.
Home Phone:
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Fax Number
When is the best time to contact you?
What is the best way to contact you?
1. How did you hear about West Wind Saints?
2. Have you done your research on the breed or been around a saint?
3. Does everyone in the family want a saint puppy?
4. Who would be main caregiver?
5. Does this person understand the commitment and the demands of a puppy?
6. Do you have other pets?
7. Have you ever taken a pet to a shelter or given one away?
8. Where would pup spend its time during the day?
9. How many hours would pup be alone?
10. Where would pup sleep?
11. Would pup have the consideration as a member of the family?
12. Do you own or rent a home, and if renting does landlord allow pets?
13. Do you have a fenced yard, and if not, is there a safe place to walk pup?
14. Can you spend some quality time with the pup daily?
15. Does a saint bernard fit into your budget and lifestyle?
16. Are you committed to caring for a saint its entire life?
17. If purchasing pet , do you agree to spay or neuter pup at the appropriate age?
18. To disipline a dog do you think  they should be hit  or spanked?
19. How long do you feel a dog should be in a crate?
20. Please furnish your veterinarians contact information?
21. Any other references?
22. Any questions for me?

   All fields are required for submission.   All information is confidential
From time to time people tell me to  lighten up its just a dog or thats a lot of money for just a dog Some of my proudest moments have come about with just a dog;  And in days of darkness, the gentle touch of just a dog gave me comfort and support to overcome the day. Just a dog brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust and pure joy.
For me its not
Just a Dog but an embodiment of all the dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past and the joy of the moment.
Just a Dog brings out whats good in me and diverts my thoughts about the worries of the day.  I hope someday people can understand that its not
Just a Dog but the creature that gives me humanity and keeps me from being
"Just a Human"
The True Cost of Responsible Dog Breeding      
Health tests--hips,eyes,cardiac,thyroid,etc----------------$ 450   
Pre Pregnancy Checkup-------------------------------------    80   
Brucellosis test---------------------------------------------------- 60   
Stud fee--------------------------------------------------------  1800   
Increased Food--------------------------------------------------300
regnancy check-------------------------------------------------80   
Whelping Box-----------------------------------------------------120  
Other Supplies--gloves,floss,tube,papertowel,pup collars ---50  
Xray--to count pups----------------------------------------------100 
Vet Check--Dam & pups------------------------------------------80 
Dew Claw Removal-----------------------------------               200 
Puppy Formula ----------------------------------------------        30 
Puppy Food--------------------------------------------------------200 
Puppy Toys----------------------------------------------------------30   Puppy Pens--------------------------------------------------------200 
Advertising--------------------------------------------------------    85 
Puppy shots / Vet Check---------------------------------------  150  
Wormer---------------------------------------------------------------25   increased Electricity - Heaters--------------------------------   100   Increased Laundry - soap----------------------------------------- 20 
Gas to and from Vet-------------------------------------------------50   Registration---------------------------------------------------------- 50   Microchips----------------------------------------------------------- 80 
Ink and paper for puppy paperwork------------------------------180
Total  approx                                                                  $4610
Total will vary  with litter size                                                    
This of course does not include monitoring litter,taking temps,    
sleepless nights, training,plus extra costs if pups or mom develop
any problems----Average cost to raise a litter is $4000  to $6000
But the cost means nothing as the struggle to help the pups      
come into the world, catch their first breath, learn to eat,walk,
play,and grow into the beautiful furry bundles that wait for you to
take them home and bring you their love  
West Wind Saints--------Furry Angels Created Here
Ok,  two people are on a breeder page,  they both post pictures of their dogs, they say they are getting ready to breed them.  Someone asks, did you review pedigrees or do any health testing?  They think “What For ?  Another person asks have you ever shown your dogs and do they have the right conformation?  They are thinking what the heck is conformation and why would I need to show my dogs.  One of these two breeds their dogs, the other says wait, I didn’t know some of this and starts digging for more information about breeding dogs.  The first person goes on to have “ beautiful puppies“ in a couple months.   Second person waits does health testing and finds out the pair they wanted to breed has a genetic disease they could pass to puppies.  By this time the first person has more litters of puppies.  Second person goes on to find a reputable breeder to start finding dogs with good genetics and conformation, and gets them into the show ring.  First person by now has several litters of pups growing up and the owners are calling with problems showing up in their puppies. Most of these puppies don’t make it to their third birthday. Big surprise---- but-- the first person continues to breed.
The second person starts their breeding program and goes on to create beautiful puppies free of many of typical health problems plaged by others.
Not a Saint but Too Cute
two of my pups from several years ago