This is West Winds Griffin, he is a Magnum  son, rough coat
mahogany, his pups look very promising

This boy here; is West Winds Kodiak, very tall short hair male, mantle coat, very mellow personality , has produced several litters of puppies, all healthy, loving gentle giants, bloodline mainly Gentle Giant and schwarzwald hof
He lived to 12
This big sweetheart is West Winds Magnum
shorter in height but twice as wide as the other males, he is a long hair splash coat with an exceptional head, build, and personality` !
Bloodline is mainly Cache Retreat,Tuckers, Revilos ;etc.
This is; West Winds
Soloman,tall long hair male, splash coat,his lineage has 200lb plus size gentle giants, he produces exceptional puppies with nice heads
bloodline is mainly
Schwarzwald Hof, Opdyke, Excalibur, etc
This big boy is West Winds Noble, his bloodline is Subira Saints, which is one of the breeders that supplied dogs for the Beethoven movie
2010 started out well, we are showing Daisy and Treasure, both gaining points towards their championship titles
Daisy has 3 Best Of
Breed titles starting her 2010 year
West Winds Daisy started out
2011 winning a major at the first show of the year !!!!
thank you judge Ms. Marjorie Martorella

Daisy finished her championship title at second show of the season;   We are so proud of her, thank you
Judge Mr. Jim Briley
2012 show season
starts slow but then Treasure wins a major
West Winds
Marcus Magnum first show 2008
Moses 8 months
West Winds Marcus Magnum-
Best of Winners and Best of Opposite
West Winds Secret on her  way to becoming a great success !                Left at
6 mo. and right at 1 year old
West Winds Diana's Desiree
(6 month's old) at her first show
West Winds Our Impressive  Griffin,
13 months old, at his first show april 2009
Our beautiful Diva at  her first show, 6 mo old
watch for more from her in the future
Our newest rising  champion Tempest, wins a major, thank you judge Mr. Arley Hussin
West Winds Treasure , our new
champion, earns her title at St. Clair show, thank you judge
Mr. Ralph Lemcke
New addition, pup bought from Michigan breeder with Woodhaven and Melon City saints bloodlines
watch for more from this guy in the future
Some of Our beautiful show girls  Diva -Summer-Isis-Vixen.; strutting their stuff
West Winds Bearpaw, hes a Noble son
We have several beautiful saints working for their AKC Champion points, we are very proud of all of them
2013  Tempest wins another major
Mike with Bearpaw 2013
2013 Saintly Summer
Summer won three Best of Breed titles  starting 2013 season
Mike with Tempest
Relaxing at a show
West Winds CuJo he was our 218  lb baby
Pictured with one of his sons
This is Molly , a 2010 Magnum pup living  in  Saline Michigan.  Pictured here with her owner, She just won 1st place in rally and finished with a score of 98 , against 8 other dogs;  So proud of her;  She is also a Therapy Dog for autistic children
and in 2016, she was featured in a TV commercial for a real estate company in Detroit  
and in her spare time she takes walks and pulls a cart
Atlas starting out 2014
with 4 points towards his championship
Atlas, here at 18mo old he won Best of  Breed  Opposite, he also has 8 points and a Best of Breed title so far
Growing into a beautiful boy
This is our beautiful Tempest, pictured
here winning Best of Breed title, at Armada Show 2014
My Heart Baby
Some New Additions from Iowa Breeder
with Opdyke and Scandia bloodlines
Named  him Atlas
Named him Bronson
Named her Style
Another West Wind
pup completed her Therapy Dog Training
Delilah from Emmett
Molly -pictured here with her owner! This beautiful girl has a full and exciting life
2016 Started with Encore winning his first point towards chanpionship, 
Beautiful West Winds Legacy 2yrs old
Jasmine first show 6 mo old
Our Sweet Jasmine,
growing up beautiful
starting good show career  at the Davisburg Show and
Saint Nationals 2016
Heres a few pics of some of the dogs we have taken to the shows but Also further down page is pups I have sold that the owners have put training into for therapy work, business, showing and magazine features
pictured here with her owner Patricia
Diva went on to become one of our Therapy Dogs, she was certified in 2011
Magnum was our first Therapy dog
he was certified in 2010
Big Boy Devo was involved with a Winter Fest for several years and was featured on their posters and advertising at Palmer Park in Detroit
Delilah is also a helpful hero,she lives with 3 other dogs, 1 police dog named zeus, 1 little terrier and 1 other big saint bernard, recently the family home caught fire, Zeus was the one that ran around barking trying to get everyone out--the little dog wouldn't come out because she was scarred, but when she did come out it was Delilah that picked her up and carried her to the far side of the property out of danger 
Delilah is a
2013  Atlas pup
He just walked up and sat his butt in the chair !!!
Daisy and Treasure went on to be certified Therapy Dogs
This is Hero, left is his first show nov.2014
right is spring show of 2017
In 2011, i got a call from manager of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, they wanted to purchase a puppy to be a greeter and interact with the guests.   
This is Bachelor, they named him that because hotel is located in
Bachelor Gulch,  Colorado
After living and working at the hotel for 4 years,  they then called again, wanted a new pup to take his place because he was being transferred to California
First Bachelor was a Griffin pup         second Bachelor is a Hero pup --  all decendents of Magnum
This is the new Bachelor, he started his career at the Ritz Carlton in 2015
Hi Diana!
Bachelor is great, very gentle and aloof!
So far he has not had any major medical things except for a tender gastrointestinal system! He has to stay on a pretty boring diet. The Chef grills him chicken or hot dogs everyday for his treats so he really does live the life! His face is on hats,bags, clutches,  coffee, whiskey, beer and about anything else they think of!
People come from all over the world to see him, and honestly he could care less! Such a funny guy!
You should be so proud of what a great dog he is. He has also been in several magazines and voted best job in the vail valley! Ha!
Heres a recent e mail about him
This is Takoda, he is a
2006  Kodiak pup.
He had a wonderful show career, started in 2007 as a pup, he won his first points and went on to win 5 Best of Breed Titles, plus a working group 1st.
He has a total of 46 Ribbons, most of his shows were in Georgia, where he lived, some were in ohio and tennesee. His owners are so proud of him. To view his accomplishments go to
Some other pups that have jobs
with their owners, to help run the business--
many are greeters to bring people in,make them feel good, like a therapy dog does,others help relieve stress, even for mom doing the paperwork
These two boys help
run a asphalt business in ohio
This is Lexie, she helps a business
called Big Dog Siding in Illinois
This guy, Moki,helps mom at their dentist office in Colorado
This guy helps mom
do the paperwork at
a golf course near Detroit
This is Jasmine, she is a paws on helper at a childs day care in Ohio--she loves her job and is really good at it ---I get good reports all the time